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Passion Art Journal Page

As I said previously, I dove right into creating in my newly completed art journal. The inspiration came from Donna Downeys video from her Inspiration Wednesday online Workshop. Details of that in my last post, click here.

Passion is one of my words for this year.¬†It goes with my other words; Build, Create, Challenge. They kinda go all together; Build Passion, Create Passion, Challenge Passion. And red is one of my passions. Love Red! So this came together easily. I didn’t have the Golden glaze medium so I didn’t get quite the same results as Donna and I did leave on more paint then she did on her page. Inspiration .. now that is Passion! ūüôā


Photo of 1st Page done
1st Page done!

Inspiration Wedensday 2016

This year, I have signed up for Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesdays. It is online and a very reasonable price of $35 US. I have been following Donna for quite some time and had the pleasure of taking one of her workshops locally when she was in my city. Someday soon I will head to her studio to have a messy, fun, creative weekend. For now this works wonderfully.

I decided to make my art journal. So I gathered my supplies and began. Other than the watercolour paper everything else is from my studio. As most creatives go, I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to anything I think I can use at some point in time. The owl material is actually pyjamas! They met their fate at the jaws of (at the time) our new dog but there was a couple of chunks that were still good and into my strap material bin they went. I took apart an inexpensive canvas I had on hand instead of purchasing a chunk of canvas. Next, I wanted my pages to be a good size. I purchased a Cold Press – Tape Bound (18″) watercolour pad by Strathmore.

As usual with these kinda of projects I dive in! So photos are from my ever handy iPhone and taken typically in the evening as I was creating so lighting is not perfect but that is perfectly fine, it is the mood; evening, relaxing, creating, and in the zone! Check out my previous post where I share the links I used to create my doodleaday books which is the almost the same way I bound this book. the only difference is that I also bound a fabric/canvas cover.

The cover: First, sewing is not a skill I have. I can up with sewing projects but I learned long ago this is not my medium. And so, fabric glue to the rescue!

Here are some photos of the covering making and binding process.

Here it is completed!

Yes, I jumped ahead to begin a page before taking a photo of the art journal completed. So on to the next post. My first page! ūüôā

Book Binding fun

I love to doodle! And I came across a doodleaday challenge on Instagram by Rhianna Wurman . She creates these fab lists each month. She is also an inspiring and very talented illustrator. I have been following along for a bit now and though not each every month have I done this in the past I do have quite a few doodles. First, I would use a sketch book of some kind but then tried different papers as I liked having a smaller loose piece of paper to begin. Having the paper in a book seemed confining. And this way, if I think of something that would be better on a different kind of paper or perhaps I doodle digitally and can still put that all together. Lately, I have been using mix media paper and it is pretty good for the marker and watercolour combo I seem to been favouring. So a collection of these doodles on loose paper was starting. I had held them together with a clip which was ok. But when I started making my own inspiration journal (post on this later in the week) the idea of binding my doodles together came to me. And so I did.

Here are the resources that I used to guide me:–craft-10250

and I now this book on my wishlist:

Here is the result. I love them, so cute and fun! The possibilities of creative combos of paper and binding thread is endless! ūüôā

My Doodle Books IMG_2276 IMG_2285 IMG_2287

Welcome 2016!

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook post yesturday that I promptly shared…

Dear Ones -You did it, everyone. You did a whole year! Whether it was a great year for you or a painful year ‚ÄĒ you…

Posted by Elizabeth Gilbert on Thursday, December 31, 2015

I added my words to my post and now wish you the same.

Happy New Year one and all!!! Keep the good, let go of the rest, turn the page to a fresh, the new and ready for you to make your mark!

December has been interesting. I did not feel Christmassy this year. I had moments but not consistently. The lack of snow didn’t help either (now we are in winter wonderland). But I allowed for this. Not as many Christmas decorations came out. Hubby handled the Christmas to do’s. I did as much Christmas as I wanted and there was some but I didn’t put pressure on myself. For me, the spirit of Christmas is not in the things or all the doing. This is becoming more and more of a thought/theme for me and I predict next year will be a lot different with less things and more spirit.

I have been experiencing¬†pauses lately, pauses in creativity, pauses in clarity, pauses in confidence these however have been allowing for processing, resting and reflection. First this was pissing me off frankly. I do not want anymore pausing or staying in one spot, no more settling or status quo … I am Very done with these. However I also had to acknowledge what I need to recharge and to energize. It is simply space in a lot of ways; head/processing space (shit needs to be let go of that has accumulated or cropped up), physical space (I Need my alone time), creative space (big or small). My personal growth work continues and always will. This has been a source of so much good for me. But it also takes up some of my energy as I process, let go of and gain insight.

Then Pow! A break through … no clarity and something(s) left me. Nothing specific simply the things I was processing processed. Resulting in¬†evening time sitting on the couch hanging out became¬†a lot more productive. An¬†art supply collection in a bucket for creating reappeared. Books waiting to be read at the ready. Remember in the beginning Elizabeth Gilbert? … Her book Big Magic is one of these books. A fantastic read for any creative. Addresses that confidence thing. Lack of confidence is certainly human nature but I would say,¬†especially for creatives where creating is such a personal thing.

So December started out kinda off but is ending off with a big burst! Here is to 2016 it is going to be Fantastically Huge!!!

Here is my out burst of creativity that has happened over the last week or so.

Photo of several of my doodles
doodles from #doodleaday, an instagram creative prompt by ellolovey

The following are my favorites from the group though I have to say I love them all.

Also those zentangles keep happening!



Photo of my Dec Zentangles
Dec Zentangles



These also these keep appearing. Just some fun loose time with watercolours that will get some doodles or zentangles on them.

Photo of my Random Fun with Watercolours
Random Fun with Watercolours


December Daily – the 2015 addition

I have 2 previous years December Daily’s completed, one almost and one is just a pile of stuff that was to go in this SMASH Holiday version. This year,  I am going to create and complete this years!

Surprising, I have no christmas themed paper which is crazy because I am a slight scrapbook paper hoarder. Hee, Hee. I do have lots of christmasy stuff though so I decided (other than a new washi tape that I had already succumbed to) I would also buy no supplies. I have wrapping paper, stamps, washi tape, ribbon, cards from years gone by … basically I have lots of stuff that I can use, no need to buy more supplies or something on just to be on a theme. Plus this is always a fun creative challenge when I scrapbook … it’s not like I have no supplies … Bawhahaha! Scrapbooking = Collecting.

We are at day 10 and one of the things I have noticed is I am not taking the amount of photos I used to and so I have a couple¬†days with no photos. I am just using my iPhone for ease and also most photos will not be printed very large. Largest will be 4×6‚Äôs which the iPhone of course does just fine. This is one the things I miss about memory keeping, it keeps you recording the everyday not just the special days at least that is what it does for me.

Here is my messy fun area! I am sure it will get crazier but I am trying to limit myself to this desk space and leave the rest of the studio for as my work space.  (Posts to follow showing completed pages.)

My messy dec daily area
My messy dec daily area



OMG! Print Addiction was the correct title for this workshop at the @ArtSchoolFair with @andrea.e.warren #newaddiction #printaddiction #gelliprint #gelliprinting #soFun #colour #patterns #timeflewbyfast #soFun #firsttimer #gelliplate #soFun ūüėú #barbidefazio

from Instagram:

Another #zentangle! Still can’t stop. ūüėú Which is really quite lovely #meditative #doodle #blackandwhite #markers #lines #circles #happyplace #zen #barbidefazio

from Instagram:

A Vanity for me

I finally completed this vanity project!

I answered a kijiji ad some time ago (last October!) for a vanity. Was thrilled to see in person and promptly bought it for $50. I bought my first can of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Red (of course! ūüôā ), aka Emperor’s Silk from Tin Barn Market in Almonte. One of my most favourite stores in the Ottawa and surrounding area. I also bought knobs to really jazz the piece up.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally just took the time, prepped the piece (easy as a good cleaning) and started painting.

This was my first time using this paint and I have to say I LOVE IT! So easy to use. I did do 2 coats as I wanted the piece to be nice and red. I did do some distressing, just a bit on the edges and to bring out some of the details. Next day I waxed the piece, let it dry, then added some sparkle with the knobs.

In my stash of stuff that is “some day” projects, I found this mirror frame. My friend gave me this as she decided wasn’t going to do anything with it after all and just wanted it out of her house. As sometimes happens, I did not take a before shot as I just jumped in with paint and brush.


This piece I simply cleaned up and then applied one coat of the red chalk paint. I wanted it to look a bit different and it seemed to look really good after the one coat and well … less work too! Again a bit of distressing in form of sanding some edges and done! I am SO pleased with how this has turned out!¬†Next is a chair! Back to that “some day” pile … well, honestly I have a separate old chair stash … possibly an old chair addiction … Hmmm …¬†Tell ya more in another post.

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