We are having some temperamental March weather which is always a bit hard to take for me. I am so done with winter by this point. Physically, mentally, generally. I have a joke about myself; I was not born in the right hemisphere. And I am pretty sure this true. Winter is not my thing. I basically prefer to hibernate. I walk around cold all the time but very thankful for my very warm winter coat. My introvertedness comes out in full force. I basically want to stay in my house until winter passes. I have to make sure to take supplementation; Vitamin D, Omegas, etc. I am generally run down by the beginning of spring and so will get sick. This year was no different. Next year, I vow to make sure I am regularly taking all the supplements I need to. And will be buying myself a light for light therapy. I can slump into not doing much for myself and not much in general. As you can imagine, A recent snowstorm, freezing rain and a surprise dump of a good amount of snow then more freezing rain is not really appreciated by me.

Now what do I do to recharge myself? I create! And in many ways. Yesterday, I spent a most wonderful day at a Vintage Clothing sale with my bestie and we had a most fun, recharging kind of day. Giggling and laughing. Meeting a sweet friend working in one of the awesome booths. Finally met an online friend in person. And having random conversations with strangers. These strangers are the like-minded kind which is always fun to connect with. I love seeing and talking with the unique, creative souls that these kind of activities bring together. I find this very energizing too.

Also energizing is being creative with clothing and so 5 “new” pieces have made their way into my closet. With each piece I could envision at least a couple of fun outfits. These pieces say me at this moment in time and I think will say this for a long time. In my 40s now, I have never felt more myself and so my clothing choices have evolved with my mindset shifts. I am showing my fun, funky, colourful, creative self and have so much fun doing so.

Here are the photos! My 12 year old daughter was my photographer. I think she did pretty great job with her not-knowing-how-to-pose mom. 🙂

Photo of A skirt of many colours
A skirt of many colours. Styled here with a simple black t-shirt. But visions of colourful tanks and t’s with colourful flip flops fill my head.
Photo of a 80s bubble skirt
80’s Bubble Skirt. Found in the for $2 clearance bin!! Styled here with a simple black t-shirt. Envisioned with fun or simple tanks and t’s for casual looks. And corsets, strapless tops, or a “man’s” style shirt tucked in to create a more “event” kind of look.
Photo of a Black and white polka dot tunic
Love at first sight! I have a thing with Black and White. And polka dots just make it fun! This will be used as a tunic such as here and as a summer dress.
Photo of a red rain jacket and black purse
Another fall in love at first sight piece! It’s is red nothing really more to say. 😉 And the purse, is just some more shiny goodness that had to come home with me. Now I just need a fun, funky shiny hat.