I love Thifting! or finding new uses for something I already have. Sometimes, I grab cool, still useful things from the garbage. Yes, I do! My dog even knows what is going to happen. I can hear her, “oh, here she goes again. Now we gotta walk back home with this thing.” My chair I am sitting on, that was tricky and heavy. lol Fun shelves. Stools that are now side tables. Chairs I have a thing for. And have been known to be cut off from bring more home. Hee, Hee.

So many times I see good stuff at the curb on garbage day, it makes me sad. And makes me wonder how we could improve that … hmmm…

Ok! Back to my subject for today. Basically, I don’t need the new shiny thing every time I need or want something. In fact, I find mixing it up gives life and energy to my spaces. I like things when they have a story. Always love things to be different not the same as everyone else. Eclectic would be a good word perhaps.

So I have a washi tape addiction and in generally scrapbooking, art, crafting supply addiction. Who doesn’t?!?! 😉 And I was finding my glass jars cumbersome when I wanted to find a certain washi tape or ribbon. I would just end up dumping out the contents of the jar everywhere. So at Value Village just looking around one day I found 2 of those coffee pod holders and I thought, “hmmm… I wonder if those would work?.” So they came home with me. And although it’s not perfect. (I have another idea brewing in my head). It’s a lot better than the glass jars. I can rotate them around to find what I want. I don’t have to go through a big pile. I can hang the ones I use a lot off the side with hooks. And each section holds a quite a few rolls easily. I can even see finding some sort of long cylinder container that could fit in the section for future storage of say paint brushes and other supplies. Yes, I also like to change things up! And will have lots of ideas for an item. 🙂