Photo of Planner and Notebook

I sit here in my lovely home, it’s quiet expect for the dryer churning. Dogs are having their morning nap having done a round of playing. It is very cold out today so we may or may not get a walk outside. I tend to want to hibernate in winter and if it wasn’t for the dogs, I would likely never go outside until I had to or was made to.

Now this cold, the season of winter and the new year make an wonderful opportunity. The opportunity to sit and contemplate with several hot cups of tea, a new planner and notebook. And course, colourful pens! Which are a must!

2016 was a year of upheaval for our family. However, also came was some really good realizations…

  • It paused my creativity – or so I thought at first.
  • It felt like an out of control whirlwind at times, too many times – do not want to repeat.
  • I can over-think, over nurture, use up all my energy – need to alter this.
  • Still managed some awesome moments and times with friends, family and like-minded people which was energizing – I would like to repeat.
  • I also wanted more – Much more.

So Hello to 2017! One of the big realizations was to show me how I create best or better yet the environment in which I create best. For me, it is a lot of solo time to clear my head and let it flow. Being able to sit uninterrupted is very important to my workflow. Distractions stop the energy and interrupt the flow. Being organized is also very important for me. 2016 threw everything off; routines, habits, energy, and at times even joy, … basically life in general. However, these moments always lead to lessons if you are paying attention. I always thought I didn’t really need routines or detailed plans. Wrong! So wrong! I so need them to keep my life “stuff” on track. Stuff like: Meal planning and prep, exercise routine, calendar in order, family members responsibilities clear … and so much more! And it all involves creativity!

I think I can sum up all of this with one word: Clarity. I need a clear vision and plan. Otherwise, I am like a butterfly fluttering awesomely but in all different directions. So as sit with my wonderful planner and empty notebook this is what I realized I am seeking … Clarity.


clarity |ˈklerədēnoun –  the quality of being clear, in particular:• the quality of coherence and intelligibility: for the sake of clarity, each of these strategies is dealt with separately.• the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound: the clarity of the picture.• the quality of being certain or definite: it was clarity of purpose that she needed.• the quality of transparency or purity: the crystal clarity of water.

FYI: Here is the link to the Desire Map Planner: and for the Code and Quill Notebook: