This one paused me for quite awhile. I was so happy with the background.


However, the lettering was an experiment gone awry. I tried to use Pebeo Fixation Relief and their Mirror Effect Leaves for lettering.

I found the blue too much for my liking. So I tried to add blue, of course lead to green. Wasn’t feeling it. So then I tried glazing and promptly forgot about it on my page … overnight.

Photo of Glazed page
Glazed page

It, of course, dried so from there really for me things just got “worse.” And I was not liking this page. So next was more glaze but with white this time to knock every thing back a bit.

Photo showing Addition of White
Addition of White

I tried a couple things here and there.

At some point, you just have to let go after awhile and so I stopped here:

IMG_2603-1 IMG_2604-2

and so moved on to the next weeks video. πŸ™‚