… I have missed you.

Photo of Fluffy Bud Emerging
Fluffy Bud Emerging

Summer will always have my whole heart with it’s sun and heat. But Spring is a very close second. I love the coming out of Winter (the very last on my list of seasons) to Spring. I love how emergence is all around me. Squirrels are running around with loads of energy, the birds are singing, the light … Oh, the glorious light! Wakes me up and entices me to come out of my warm wintery cocoon. I feel rejuvenated and alive walking out in the spring air, in the light and finally free of heavy boots and jacket that weigh you down. I find myself taking photos of sprouts and buds that all around and capture my eye. Yes, it is a big shift for me.

The other thing that seems to happen for me, is a refocusing, reprioritizing. Ideas, goals, and projects start to go off in my head. And it feels great! This year especially. Winter has been a bitch to be honest. It gave us a crisis which caused panic which in turn caused a regrouping and strategizing … lots of adjusting. And challenge, oh boy, Challenge! Which always bring growth so in the end it is a good thing. Growth, I welcome. I love it, in fact. Lots of good, good things come from growth. It can be hard, confusing and can knock you off your path but you always end up in a better place. If you allow, challenge will lead to lots of lessons, builds your strength, reminds you to acknowledge your own power and skills, and if you really listen, you will hear reminders to take care of yourself, to slow down … to Breathe … to be Present.

So Greetings lovely Spring, I have big plans for you this year!