Love, Love, Love this one! It came together so easily. Heaven to me is when I am in that magical, lovely, so awesome creative flow with all creative cylinders firing feels so light, magical and freeing. The place to be for me.

It all started with the map. A map I had gotten out of a neighbors recycle bin sometime ago because for some reason it seemed like a waste and it was calling to me. When you like to do mix media, art journal pages and many other creative outlets, the things that end up in the stash of this “will great for something” is endless. 😉

So as in Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday video I chose to collage instead of painting, in fact I used no paint at all on my page. A fun change and was inspiring! I used the found map cutting it to fit then found a gelli print from my stash that caught my eye then from there finding pieces that spoke to me in my big basket of “will great for something”. And old stamp image from my stash of Close to My Heart stamps, a new Smash brand post-it, a white dough butterfly imprinted, twine … and kinds of good stuff that caught my idea in my stash and seemed to want to be on this page.

I also love the message that appeared in this page. The idea or thought that you do Cherish all the wonderful things of life: the day, the moment, the ones you love, family, life then you Fly High! You go off and find yourself, your way, your own passion, or whatever you may need to find or do or feel. Then you make your way back to the previous to check in, recharge, love and with lots of new knowledge, passion and soul fuelled to enhance all. At least this is what I like to do. 🙂


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