Another of my words of 2016 … Freedom!!!

This is week 2 of Inspiration Wednesday by Donna Downey, see this post for the details. I didn’t burn my page as she did but I am going to keep that in my mind for another page as I  think that would be fun! I had to do color because that is what I do. Donna had a more white with the burnt edges which looked beautiful. I did use molding paste again. It is really lovely what it can do. I pressed some Donna Downey stamps into the paste and used a palate knife for texture. Then went through my basket of stuff-for-something-one-day. Also through my scrapbooking stash.

A theme began to show itself; a window, a stamp, heart, old sheet music, a sheet music embossed butterfly that didn’t work in another project. Flight, taking off … freedom! The quote too falls into this theme. “All of our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions.” Good stuff. Been thinking about perceptions and talking a lot about this with my girls. What we perceive is through our life experiences, our lens and so is everyone else. Our perceptions can keep us from doing what we truly need and want to do. A bit of a theme has show up in my life, the concept of everyone’s perception will be different even if all attend the same event. It is quite amazing really. Perception is as unique as each person. So Freedom from perceptions that do not serve seemed to appear on this page.