This year, I have signed up for Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesdays. It is online and a very reasonable price of $35 US. I have been following Donna for quite some time and had the pleasure of taking one of her workshops locally when she was in my city. Someday soon I will head to her studio to have a messy, fun, creative weekend. For now this works wonderfully.

I decided to make my art journal. So I gathered my supplies and began. Other than the watercolour paper everything else is from my studio. As most creatives go, I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to anything I think I can use at some point in time. The owl material is actually pyjamas! They met their fate at the jaws of (at the time) our new dog but there was a couple of chunks that were still good and into my strap material bin they went. I took apart an inexpensive canvas I had on hand instead of purchasing a chunk of canvas. Next, I wanted my pages to be a good size. I purchased a Cold Press – Tape Bound (18″) watercolour pad by Strathmore.

As usual with these kinda of projects I dive in! So photos are from my ever handy iPhone and taken typically in the evening as I was creating so lighting is not perfect but that is perfectly fine, it is the mood; evening, relaxing, creating, and in the zone! Check out my previous post where I share the links I used to create my doodleaday books which is the almost the same way I bound this book. the only difference is that I also bound a fabric/canvas cover.

The cover: First, sewing is not a skill I have. I can up with sewing projects but I learned long ago this is not my medium. And so, fabric glue to the rescue!

Here are some photos of the covering making and binding process.

Here it is completed!

Yes, I jumped ahead to begin a page before taking a photo of the art journal completed. So on to the next post. My first page! 🙂