Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook post yesturday that I promptly shared…

Dear Ones -You did it, everyone. You did a whole year! Whether it was a great year for you or a painful year — you…

Posted by Elizabeth Gilbert on Thursday, December 31, 2015

I added my words to my post and now wish you the same.

Happy New Year one and all!!! Keep the good, let go of the rest, turn the page to a fresh, the new and ready for you to make your mark!

December has been interesting. I did not feel Christmassy this year. I had moments but not consistently. The lack of snow didn’t help either (now we are in winter wonderland). But I allowed for this. Not as many Christmas decorations came out. Hubby handled the Christmas to do’s. I did as much Christmas as I wanted and there was some but I didn’t put pressure on myself. For me, the spirit of Christmas is not in the things or all the doing. This is becoming more and more of a thought/theme for me and I predict next year will be a lot different with less things and more spirit.

I have been experiencing pauses lately, pauses in creativity, pauses in clarity, pauses in confidence these however have been allowing for processing, resting and reflection. First this was pissing me off frankly. I do not want anymore pausing or staying in one spot, no more settling or status quo … I am Very done with these. However I also had to acknowledge what I need to recharge and to energize. It is simply space in a lot of ways; head/processing space (shit needs to be let go of that has accumulated or cropped up), physical space (I Need my alone time), creative space (big or small). My personal growth work continues and always will. This has been a source of so much good for me. But it also takes up some of my energy as I process, let go of and gain insight.

Then Pow! A break through … no clarity and something(s) left me. Nothing specific simply the things I was processing processed. Resulting in evening time sitting on the couch hanging out became a lot more productive. An art supply collection in a bucket for creating reappeared. Books waiting to be read at the ready. Remember in the beginning Elizabeth Gilbert? … Her book Big Magic is one of these books. A fantastic read for any creative. Addresses that confidence thing. Lack of confidence is certainly human nature but I would say, especially for creatives where creating is such a personal thing.

So December started out kinda off but is ending off with a big burst! Here is to 2016 it is going to be Fantastically Huge!!!

Here is my out burst of creativity that has happened over the last week or so.

Photo of several of my doodles
doodles from #doodleaday, an instagram creative prompt by ellolovey

The following are my favorites from the group though I have to say I love them all.

Also those zentangles keep happening!



Photo of my Dec Zentangles
Dec Zentangles



These also these keep appearing. Just some fun loose time with watercolours that will get some doodles or zentangles on them.

Photo of my Random Fun with Watercolours
Random Fun with Watercolours