I have 2 previous years December Daily’s completed, one almost and one is just a pile of stuff that was to go in this SMASH Holiday version. This year,  I am going to create and complete this years!

Surprising, I have no christmas themed paper which is crazy because I am a slight scrapbook paper hoarder. Hee, Hee. I do have lots of christmasy stuff though so I decided (other than a new washi tape that I had already succumbed to) I would also buy no supplies. I have wrapping paper, stamps, washi tape, ribbon, cards from years gone by … basically I have lots of stuff that I can use, no need to buy more supplies or something on just to be on a theme. Plus this is always a fun creative challenge when I scrapbook … it’s not like I have no supplies … Bawhahaha! Scrapbooking = Collecting.

We are at day 10 and one of the things I have noticed is I am not taking the amount of photos I used to and so I have a couple days with no photos. I am just using my iPhone for ease and also most photos will not be printed very large. Largest will be 4×6’s which the iPhone of course does just fine. This is one the things I miss about memory keeping, it keeps you recording the everyday not just the special days at least that is what it does for me.

Here is my messy fun area! I am sure it will get crazier but I am trying to limit myself to this desk space and leave the rest of the studio for as my work space.  (Posts to follow showing completed pages.)

My messy dec daily area
My messy dec daily area