This mornings breakfast

This post was first going to be titled “overwhelmed”. I have many to do’s both professionally and personally. The professional ones seem to keep coming in second to the personal ones and well this is the norm for me. I will forgo my professional projects and goals sometimes because personal (or family life) stuff will come up or just allow the distraction to interfere. I am a mom of 2 and a wife and the next 2 weeks calendar looks full then there is my professional goals and projects; the blogs posts yet to be posted, the fun side poster project, my budding illustration project that I think will lead to big things … so yes, an overwhelming feeling can take over.

However, as I was composing this shot while a kitty and a doggy play around me. (kitty teasing the dog right beside my set up – of course.) I then had a feeling of being thankful. Thankful that I do have a lovely family and that I do have lots of awesome ideas that I can and will bring to life. Thankful too, that my children are older and I do not need to be at everyone’s service all the time. The house stuff that distracts can be shared among the family and teaches children life skills. Bottom line is; I DO have the time.

I am also thankful to my mentor Helene Anne Fortin ( Who keeps challenging and encouraging me. She also acknowledges and appreciates my time constraints but also encourages me to see past them. Another great conversation yesterday with her flashed my big ideas back in mind and with it the passion I have for these ideas.

Today we are having our Thanksgiving dinner. And in-between those to do’s I will relax and enjoy the family time. Tomorrow back to work! πŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!