My inner creative self has been loudly requesting a day in the studio without an agenda, with out any kind of plan, just being inspired and seeing where it goes. Yesterday, go it did!

I have signed up for a couple of online workshops. I love to do this. I like being home, sipping my tea and being in my studio. So this is where I started for inspiration. I didn’t really have to think to much about where to begin. Just be inspired and play!

First online workshop is from Strathmore and it is free! Here is the link:  Another benefit of taking workshops is I have discovered a wonderful blogger and artist, Maureen Wilson, or “Marzi”. as she is the instructor. Check out her site! She shares lots of great videos and tutorials.

Ok, here we go! Here is my first drawing pretty much following along with Marzi’s instructions not exact ‘cuz I never seem to do that but close.

Photo of Drawing Get Lost
Get Lost

Then another following my own inspiration. Didn’t think long about what I was going to sketch but it would seem I was thinking Sunny while it was stormy outside.

Photo of drawing of Joy is Sunny
Joy is Sunny

Next fun was had in my art journal.

I signed up for Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesdays. This is a paid workshop but very affordable. The benefit for me is, she explains working with the different mediums, is very inspiring, and also big on just going for it which is so me especially on this particular day.

Here is the link to this workshop: And here are my pages:

This first one is pretty close to the ideas shared in her video.

Photo of Roses Art Journal Pages
Photo of the Lovely Texture of the Roses The Lovely Texture of the Roses

Next pages are simply ones where I followed inspiration as it came.

All Great Changes
Photo of art journal page All Great Changes
More Lovely Texture
Photo of Art Journal Page Remember Heart
Remember Heart
Photo of Texture fron Course Gel Medium
Texture from course moulding paste and a text image transfer

Next is a notebook that I altered with a butterfly mask and lots of coarse moulding paste (all the texture you see on these pages was done using this paste with a mask/stencil on the in the case of the purple flower lace like page I just used a plastic palette knife and spread it around).

Photo of Red Butterfly Notebook
Red Butterfly Notebook
Photo of Luscious Texture
Luscious Texture

Thanks for checking out the results of my creative fun!