Picture of Boxes

As I prepared to open these boxes, a bittersweet feeling came over me. You see these will likely be the last of these kind of boxes from my grandmother. These are from her home, the home she has now said good bye to. She sits instead in on the Geriatric floor in a hospital waiting for all the ducks to be put in a row then for the final approvals for a Special Care Home placement. She has such a place picked out so that is done … just the waiting left. Then the few things she gets to take with her will go into this little room very far from the kind of home she has maintained for years.

I would get a box or 2 of these packed boxes on a somewhat regular basis when I made the yearly or twice-yearly trips back to New Brunswick. She would put everything in these boxes I didn’t say a direct no to … which was always troublesome for me. I know she feels these things are her legacy, they are a piece of her. This time I wasn’t there to receive these boxes but they instead arrived with my family after their own trip back. On the table they went and I began to go through them.

A plate set I can remember her having forever in her buffet. A cute and bright pottery set of a tea cup and footed bowl that I gave her as a present that she would never use because “it was way too nice”. A few other misc items and 2 tea cups and saucers. They will go in my always expanding tea cup collection that my hubby thinks is big enough which I consider is near impossible. There is always room for another tea cup especially with attached sentimental value. Each of these items will be put to good use and will serve as a lovely reminder of her.

More of my trips back home will be made and as many as time allows I will visit my grandmothers new place she hopefully will make into a new version of home for herself. I was thinking as I unpacked those tea cups that it has been a long while since we sat and shared a cup of tea together so that will be the first thing I do with her during my next trip back to New Brunswick.