Back from another trip and feel like I am dragging my ass around. Feeling tired but in an emotional way. Feeling like I want to lock myself up in my studio and just make a big ol’ mess with paints and whatever else I can get my hands on. That will happen, perhaps and hopefully in a couple of days. I need these recharges/escapes after lots of input, positive or negative it is the same for me.

I was able to visit my grandmother again which was lovely though she seemed little worse. I am thinking it was more from stress than deterioration. She is still in the process of moving out of her home she loves, purging more items that she wants to while sitting in a hospital room. This time on a different floor than last visit. Unfortunately, the other patients are much further along the Alzheimer’s or Dementia path. A look into the future that would be unnerving I am sure and would be contributing to her stress levels.

There was other negativity … Let’s just say that sometimes things happen that is out of your control and you just need to let go and move on. Otherwise, you will get caught up in the negative whirlwind too. An old Polish proverb comes to mind, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”.

There was also 2 family birthday celebrations. It is always wonderful to be a part of instead of far away not able to be there in person. Sharing joy and drink, simply having some fun and laughs is always a wonderful thing. I cherish these moments with our family back in the Maritimes. They do not happen all the time but perhaps that is what makes them more special and intense.

So for now, I am just slugging along. 😉