Long road trips are great for reflection, thinking and some planning when you are the passenger. This trip I have brought along art supplies, books and magazines. On the trip from Ottawa, Ontario to Saint John, New Brunsick there was lots of fun had with my water paints and drawing pens.

A session of someonline browsing, I was perusing my Pinterest board Quotes and found this:

(PS Link is broken now)

Which inspired the above photo.

I began thinking about how my soul knows it is on to something. For me it is a calm excited feeling, no hesitations, just flowing creativity (typically my soul sings loudest when I am being creative). A free flowing, mutual colloboration and/or discussion with like-minded people … In other words; finding my tribe (love this phase/concept). My soul knows it is on to something when there is just a pure smooth energy flowing. Hmmm….interesting. next is, how to manifest this as often as possible.

When does your soul know it is on to something?