A great mentor sees your themes, sees your work through new eyes and fresh perspectives. Helene Anne (https://kindmentor.wordpress.com) got me right away upon seeing my work. And continues to challenge me and give me great insights.

And so enter my new macro lens! I had been getting by ok with the good ol’ kit lense my camera came with but recently we were fighting, well maybe just having some disagreements on what to focus on and how close to get. Helene Anne encouraged me to make the investment in a new lens and sent me to her contact Doris at Henry’s on Bank street. Doris helped me pick out a great lens after quizzing me on what I was trying to accomplish and what I liked to shoot.

I can honestly say if you were a little fly on the wall of my studio when I began playing with my new tool, you would have heard gasps, and perhaps some giggles and seen a women quite child-like and giddy.

Above and from that first session is my favourite.