I recently had a “failure” professionally though it really is not. I came away with lessons learned. It actually reminded me of the direction I want to go. Before I thought, I will work towards this end in parallel but now I think why not make it the focus?

It reminded me who my style appeals to (a non-profit was very happy with an illustrated poster I created for them), reminded me how I work, what my process is, that my process isn’t in the realm of fast not slow but not fast either. I research, sketch, brainstorm concepts, do design explorations, do rough illustrations then on to good hand drawn version then to digital where color exploration continues or happens. When I try to cram this all together … failure.

Another lesson from this experience is I must clearly communicate my creative truth. Make sure my Website is clear, Portfolio is clear, first clients communications super clear. Also, think business even when I make a connection with a potential client, meaning even when I really like the person keep the above in mind. I am not going to fit every job out there even when I think it is an awesome opportunity and/or project. Not everyone is going to like my style. And that is perfectly ok and expected. The “no we don’t fit” will leave room for the “yes we do”! And for me to develop and create my own projects and products.

So who I am creativity? I am an illustrator, a photographer, a creative with a particular style on her way to being a maker … well, already a maker … on her way to a building inventory. (follow Red Raspberry Studios everywhere for updates and news on this!)

Yesterday, I was reminded of this whole failure is really a good thing in an excellent talk put on by Shopify in partnership with Canada Post (hint hint ;)) There was lots of talk of failure is to be expected, welcomed (as it leads to lessons learned) and if you don’t fail once and awhile you are not really trying, not really growing. And of course, failing is still better than the ones who are not even stepping in the room. Stepping in I will continue to do!