I had one of those crazy kind of days yesterday. The day did not go as planned as they sometimes do. I ended up sitting outside on the back deck just relaxing, taking a breath or two before things began again.

I noticed activity high above in the nest. The female was on the side of the nest so I grabbed the binoculars and wow! She was feeding the chick (or chicks couldn’t tell). Off I went up to the only window in the house that has the best view of the nest armed with my camera with zoom lens loaded.

WOW, it is crazy how things can work out for the better! Here is the results…

photo of Female Broad-winged Hawk
Female Broad-winged Hawk
photo of Mama and Fuzzy Chick
Mama and Fuzzy Chick


photo of Male Broad-winged Hawk
Male Broad-winged Hawk


I started screaming at this point (all along I had been giving my girls a play by play as they jumped on their trampoline). I was so into the moment I honestly did not even think about adjusting the camera and really I had seconds and these birds are fast so I would have missed these next shots. Imperfect perhaps but freakin’ awesome to me.

Photo of Male in flight
IMG_0824 Male takes flight to deliver nesting material
Photo of Male in nest
Male placing nesting material
Photo of female looking right at me.
Female looks right at me.

So I should have been somewhere else but because I wasn’t I was there at the perfect moment to capture and enjoy these breathtaking birds living life as the should. Freakin’ Awesome!!!