So many ways to grow and expand, I have been loving each and everyone. Realizing I needed some guidance as I continued my creative journey. I found an awesome perfect-for-me Mentor. I was aware I had some blocks as we all do but they were really tripping me up, keeping from my goals and seeing my visions/plans through to completion, keeping things smaller that what I desired and needed. So enter Helen Anne Fortin!

I really connected with Helene Anne and I felt a kinship right away. She talked my language. I could feel her passion and creativity. We did our family portraits  with her ( and they are beautiful beautiful treasures that we will have in the family for many lifetimes. Not only do I have those beautiful treasures, I also learned so much more about photography from going through Helene Anne’s process.

It has been a couple of months now and I can already see the growth and expansion that has happen in me and for me. To have a wonderful safe place to go and reveal yourself and your art (which is pretty much one in the same, hence the need for safety and I would add respect with kindness) is a powerful thing. Helene Anne has given me artistic confidence, challenges me, empowers me each and every conversation in person or on the phone. I say yes, to the right opportunities and do not feel bad about saying no to others…focus on the vision is key if you want to make it happen. I will jump at opportunities now whereas before I was very hesitant. I am figuring out ways to make opportunities I want happen for me. More is yet to come and I simply can’t not wait!