So many ways to grow and expand. I am not sure if it is my age or what but this state has been steady and sometimes at a rapid pace. I have done some big things lately. I would love to share the first biggie…

I have wanted a tattoo for a very long time. As time went on I knew what I wanted…a butterfly, a red butterfly to be exact. I researched and found photos of the Red Admiral Butterfly and viola my tattoo. I love red … possibly an understatement. 😉 I love it because it is vibrant, dramatic, energetic. There is lots of great symbolism for butterflies, I connect with being in a cocoon, metamorphosis, emergence, wings drying getting ready to take flight, then lift off.

So I waited and waited for the right time and for the right artist.

This is my beloved Butterfly Tattoo freshly done.

Butterfly Tattoo photo
Butterfly Tattoo

The Tattoo artist is Calah Wright , she works out of Railbender Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery. I had been following the studio for awhile through social media and noticed a post saying they were happy to have a new artist. I googled immediately to see what she was all about…hmmm 64 butterfly tattoos herself this could be a match. Then I went on to find out what I could via the internet. Of course found lots of tattoos she had done but also found her art which was/is AMAZING to me. She is a very talented artist all around so that matched right up with my first (and any) tattoo needs to be VERY good. I felt very confident that she would produce my vision…honestly I was blown away, it turned out so amazing. It is of course healed now and so somewhat faded as they do but wow it is still a stunner and when people notice and I always get asked who did it and lots of Wow, that is so good!!

On a side note, Calah is a very inspiring women. She is doing life her way. She is a tattoo ninja and an elite althete just qualified for the UWCT World Championships in September in Denmark. I love that I keep meeting people like this. Life your own way….Beautiful.