Today is the last day of school for my girls before the Easter Long weekend. And just as I have done in past years, it was time to make an Easter themed lunch this morning. I have been busy so nothing home-made this year however I think they will be ok with that. Strawberry Blonde had some cute bunnies on a stick and petite eggs perfect for fitting in our laptop lunches. The kiddos were banned from the kitchen and I set to work thinking simply. A flower fondant cutter used for cucumber flowers then put in petite easter eggs. Sandwiches are easily and made more special cut into a shape. DD#2 doesn’t like lettuce or a whole grain bread and so her sandwich would have come apart easily so I left the cookie cutter around the sandwich and into the container it went. Bright yellow silicon baking cups filled with apple slices. Some purple cauliflower for color and nutrition, their mom is making the lunch after all. 😉 Treats must be included for the special lunch and so, one petite egg filled with petite chocolate eggs, large egg filled with gluten free Fruity Pebbles (cause make no mistake it is candy), then one chocolate bunny on a stick. I will be waiting the reviews! 🙂