Wow, I still can’t get over that number 2015…the year 2015! I know one thing for sure … 2015 is going to be Big!

So far is is already big with the Birthday of our youngest who now has entered double digits! I can’t believe this. And she is very, very thrilled about it.

Photo of cupcake

At the beginning of a new year, I do love to sit down and write a few goals down in the new year, a list of projects I would like to complete, how I would like this year to look like, this my personal blog…so things like family goals; more game nights less movie nights, more family photography I seem to have gotten away from my “photoshoot” habit but I have also had a great time just observing. The one thing about being the family photographer is that you are not usually in the photos, you are busy with the camera and so are not completely able to be present in the moment. So a balance this year between these two ways of being; documenter, observer.

Also some blogging goals….I am not as regular as I would like be so this I want to change. I am going to aim for twice a month. I will figure out a schedule and post in my next blog post.

My “personal” creative life. Personal in quotes because my creative life is my whole life. My doodles or playing with my art supplies or crafting or any creative outlet feed my creative business life. And vice versa. It blurs which I do love but there is a balance. I have read stories of hobbies becoming businesses which ruins the hobby so I want to be careful of that. And this past year I have certainly not down as much “play” creating which is not going to be this year. I will be crafting more with my girls (also a goal) this year something that has also kinda gotten put aside too often. Children fed your spirit in many ways and to be creative along side their creativity can be energizing. ….just stay out of Mom mode so they can be free…just remember to put lots of paper down under the projects. lol Though mine are older now so now it depends on the project. And quite frankly, I am not exactly the neatest artist either. πŸ˜‰

For me a New Year and September are exciting times. I sit check in, reflect, detox body, mind and spirit, recalibrate, set some goals, make a plan of attack. This hasn’t always meant everything is adhered to but it gives me a way to get it out of my head (otherwise it swims around up there and is annoying and heavy).

Photo of doodle
Doodle for #doodleadayjan

This year though, I have some clear ideas of how this year is going to go, how I want to feel when I look back, I am flexible but very determined. 2015 is going to be Big! πŸ™‚

How about you? Do you plan? make goals? Hope 2015 is Big for you too! πŸ™‚