Wishing you the very best of the season!

I thought I would take a few minutes to blog. I have been busy at Red Raspberry Studios . A few client projects have been happily keeping me busy. Christmas seemed to come up fast, as it always seems to do.

My girls and I had some creative fun with a few projects. My youngest quite successfully baked gluten free & egg free cookies to decorate. And her older sister helped out with the decorating. These cookies were enjoyed at home with a double batch of regular cookies going to a couple of our closest neighbours. This is one of our traditions and my girls always proudly deliver the packages. This year I only slightly assisted which was wonderful.

Our tree was purchased at Cedar hill farm which was a wonderful place to do so. We always get a fresh tree and prefer to go to a local tree farm that has some fun things for the kids to do. Cedar Hill Tree Farm didn’t disappoint. We even got to see Santa! My youngest happily followed him into their lovely cabin where we just enjoyed hot chocolate & considered the chilli because the smell was amazing. She sat on his knee and told him her wishes. The kids played so long at the sliding hill, zip line and snow play structure that we chose to get a pre-cut tree. They do have a wagon that takes you to cut your own tree and brings you back. Our tree was still very fresh and the fresh smell was heavenly.

My best friend and daughter have joined us for the last couple of years on our trips to get our tree. My hubby nicely lugs 2 trees to our truck then sets up my friends then ours. Tree getting and setting up is a little difficult ….well if you would like a full size tree.’I love that my hubby does this for my friend & her daughter. They also appreciates this very much. So our tradition has gotten expanded and I love that.

For supper I chose to brine and roast one of our Pork Roasts from our meat share from Kinburn Farms. We are loose with the tradition of a turkey for Christmas dinner. My best friend had us over for Christmas Eve lunch where she served Turkey. So I knew we would be having that. So one of roasts became our Christmas dinner. And was it ever yummy!! I think I will brine my pork roasts from now on. I still made a yummy stuffing both gluten free & egg free. Made a simple cranberry sauce and a had gravy frozen so that was easy. My girls were happy as always with their presents and the favourites were in high use all day. All and all it was a wonderful Christmas Day! I hope yours was too however you celebrate! IMG_7176.jpg