Inspired by Pinterest…oh How I Love Pinterest!!! 🙂 Melted Crayon art

I decided for our upcoming Halloween Party to make one with my girls. I purchased a Micheals craft pumpkin in black as we were going for a spooky theme to our party. Crayons were easy to find, we have a huge stash from the girls toddler/younger children days. My girls gather my requested colour of orange and they wanted some red for blood. This is a very easy craft. I do have a heat gun but that would heat the crayon too fast however we used it to get things going then used a dryer so it would melt a bit slower. Here are the steps we took…


Photos Kiddos starting the Project
Kiddos starting the Project
Photo of beginning
Photo of Crayons Melting
Photo of Pumpkin In progress
in progress
Photo of Completed product
Completed project!