Howdy again! It was a little longer this time but I think I have a fun post to share so hopefully that makes it all better. šŸ˜‰ (Also I am currently working all things Red Raspberry Studios which is my professional brand’s site & blog. Please Check it out!)

So Easter is always exciting when you have children in the house! They count down for the bunnies arrival. They wish for lots of candy. They can’t wait to see where he hides the eggs. Lots of anticipation! I, of course, love to decorate and get creative! This year we didn’t do the traditionalĀ kind of things like egg dying as we had visitors and it was a pretty great weekend weather wise so we just ended up having some other kinds of fun.

Photo of Suprise Easter Themed School LunchesThe girls begged me to make the a surprise lunch for the last day of school before the Easter long weekend. So I couldn’t say no! : ) Off to Pinterest for some inspiration. I came across tons of things of course but one theme I really liked, stuffing the plastic fillable eggs with food items. I went with that with a couple of old ideas/items and some new. My dollar store trip resulted in a big bag of stuff. Hee, Hee What I didn’t use this year is stored for next. So I began with the stuffing the eggs idea; some Annies cheddar bunnies for youngest, Annies Gluten Free Vanilla for oldest and Chocolate Bunnies with blueberries and grapes in the other 2 eggs. The little plastic bunnies I purchased at the dollar store and they had candy in them which I didn’t like the ingredients of (I am like that ; )) so those got promptly thrown out. I washed and dried the bunnies and then stuffed them with Annies Gummy Bunnies. I had purchased a bunny game from the dollar storeĀ (think a barrel full of monkeys) these got placed in the spot for utensils. Next some veggies! In siliconeĀ flower muffins liners I already had I cut out with mini cookie cutters cucumbersĀ (lady bugs) and carrots (flowers). Next I had made brownie bunnies from Only Oats chocolate muffin mix (using applesauce for the egg replacer, oldest is gluten and egg free). I used a bunny silicone liner from the dollar store, it honestly was a little flimsy or maybe I got too excited and should have left the brownies to cool more so there were rejects which hubby and I promptly ate. ; ) I had some mint and green colored buttercream frozen from St. Paddys Day so this became a nose and mouth on the bunnies. Next a gluten and egg free crepes became the ham & cheese carrot sandwiches and I left them in the cutters for fun and to contain them from coming apart during travelling. I few little cheddar cheese flowers for some fun. Lastly, a juice box (which is a treat in this house) made even more special with a dollar store bunny shaped straw. All was very well received which is always awesome. : )

The girls made an Easter House a little while before Easter from a Kit that their dad bought for them during a Daddy and his girls outing. Though these kits are off limits for eating, they certainly had lots of fun with Assembly!










For Easter Decor I went simple, using mostly what I had already on hand with just a couple of new pieces.