I attended 2 workshops this past weekend hosted by Wallack’s (an art supply store) and taught by Melanie Matthews, a Golden Certified Working Artist. Please go check out her website which shows her wonderful pieces and lists her impressive achievements. She is an excellent teacher, giving first thorough instruction and lots of info then a detailed demo then you give a whirl feeling confident. Her workshops are filled with lots of creative energy, fun, play, and laughter. And she was always more than willing to give a hand to those that needed it and to answer any and all questions.

My 2 pieces have turned out so Good! I will admit I love the plexiglass piece more. I know why … My fav Golden color Quinacridone Magenta bird and the lined bird. My plan is to place some more magenta in the larger piece and incorporate a lined element as well. This larger piece I do not consider done but will be soon. So I will write up a follow up post with what I have added. 🙂

Both workshops featured a lot of image transfer. Which I love and wanted to perfect. I have tried it at home with another artists instruction but Melanie provided us with clear step by step instructions then a demo. She also used a different Golden product, Fluid Matte Medium. As a result, my transfers were by far my best ones. Yeah! So that alone is enough for me to celebrate success, but it continues as she gave lessons on choosing color, on composition, on techniques and tons of inspiration. Click here to watch Melanie’s Youtube video demonstration of image transfer.

I always go into these workshops not with a vision of a completed piece to hang on my wall but with an open, experimental mindset. I want to learn so I can go home and practice and do my “perfect” pieces. I already have a big box filled with lots of things for mix media (which is what these pieces are called) at the ready. It is filled with all sorts of bits, things that make textures, things to embed into pieces, things I am not sure what they will be, but had to keep. 🙂 Some time ago, I had purchased music sheet pages/books from an antique store all patinaed and ready to be used in a piece. Some already are part of art journal pages and a mix media piece on canvas. Oh! The ideas I have for all that stuff in the box!!!

Now as always it is the challenge of carving out time 2becreative. 🙂