Not really a holiday but a fun thing to celebrate nonetheless! Our youngest, DD#2 is quite a jokester anyway so a day to do just this is quite a fun thing to look forward to. And she was! She had been googling then giggling and making plans. Unfortunately, she got a tummy bug and so wasn’t her normal energetic self. That didn’t stop the fun however. I got up as usual before my girls and snuck into their rooms while they were sleeping with an eyeliner in my hand and moustaches in mind. DD#1 was first but I woke her up, bummer. Mom broke April Fools day rule #1: Don’t wake up anyone really early. Oops. 😉 I answered her sleepy slightly annoyed question of, “What are you doing??” After I answered, I asked “Do you want a moustache? She excitedly said, “Yes!”. So I did she got a nice curly ended one. Next she put a moustache on her sleeping sister then she went back to bed. DD#2  took off her moustache but DD#1 put one back on. Next and to get me back, they covered my eyes to “massage” my face with a washable marker. Lots of giggles and fun to start off the day. 🙂

DD#2  has my creative spirit and drive. So even though she was feeling under the weather she got out a white t-shirt, the fabric markers and made up an April Fools t-shirt. She loves make her own custom t-shirts. (On my wist list of Art supplies is a screenprinting kit, I think we (all of us gals) could have a blast! : )

I keep April fools pretty simple in its execution. So I simply snuck Maria’s lunch box back out of her backpack and stuck some googly eyes on her lunch box lid so when she opened her lunch they would be staring at her. Apparently, I am a “cool” mom in her circle of classmates/friends. Maria always says they love the stuff I do for her in the “surprise” or themed lunches I do from time to time. This was a hit too. 🙂

DD#2  came up with the next thing…a April Fools themed dessert. Popcorn! Now DD#1 has braces and so can not have popcorn so our gag was; we want popcorn for dessert. We predicted DD#1 would not be happy about this then we would prank her with the “popcorn” cupcakes. Didn’t quite go like that but she was surprised nonetheless and we all got a chuckle…and a yummy dessert. 🙂

Hope you had a Fun April Fools day!