One of the things I love to do is getting creative with my girls or giving them a starting point then letting them go to it!

Some time ago we updated our kids craft area to an Ikea desk and cabinet to make for more room as well as the old set up was getting too small for our now much bigger girls. I didn’t want to put a carpet under the desk but it needed something to catch stuff and to protect the hardwood floor. One day it hit me; a floorcloth!

I didn’t want to get several pints of paint for this project. I did get a pint of the blue however for the other colors (which I had let the girls pick 2 each) I was happy to see Lowe’s has paint testers in 10 oz. size. I prepped a large piece of measured canvas then set the girls up in the basement with paint and brushes. They wanted to surprise me with the finished painting so upstairs I went to let them have some creative fun with some guidelines of course. 😉 After a while I hear, “It is done! It is done! Come and See!!” Such a Happy Sound.<3 After allowing it to dry I coated it with a waterborne varnish. We installed it after a few days of drying. My girls were so pleased and still enjoy showing off their functional art piece. I think it gives this corner a wonderful, colorful and creative vibe.

Next was seating. I have a thing for old wooden chairs and knew I wanted to use a couple from my stash sitting waiting in the basement. One came from my Dad years ago and has been painted a couple different colors. The other was garbage on-the-sed-of-the-road picked. Yes, I have no problem with this, in fact I am sitting on another “garage” picked chair that most people find surprising that it is.

Next, I discussed with each of my girls what color they would like on their chosen chair. Youngest picked my fav; chalkboard paint so she could draw on it. Oldest picked her fav color of purple. And lucky enough both came from the projects we have been doing. After a good re-gluing then a really good coat of primer went 3 coats of paint. These are going to get used every day so wanted to make sure of the color but also durability.

I must say the old chair in the flat black of the chalkboard paint is really appealing to me. I am thinking the old chair still sitting waiting in the basement will be painted in flat black. It really elevates it I think, a kinda of modern on old which I love. And black goes with everything!

(Just in case you would like to know. The hanging cabinet is from the Besta line. The desk is a made up of an Alex Drawer unit, and a Linnmon/Nipen Table combo minus one leg.)