Another post! Yah!

I love to have fun on the holidays and surprising my girls with some special themed food is usually the thing I do. St. Paddy’s day is a fun holiday here and it is in celebrate of some Irish lineage on my side of the family. In fact our second daughter is name Cara which in Irish simply means a “friend.” I thought it was a perfect name for our second born as hopefully she would be a natural friend for our first born. And this has turned out to be true. They are the best sisters, no real big fighting of course some, that is natural but they both really look out for one another at home, at school and out and about.

This year I went pretty simple but I find my girls love a good presentation and food coloring always makes things on theme easily.  I made Gluten Free & Egg Free one bite brownies but I think I pulled them out too soon so they kind fell a bit and I also over filled. However, when I popped them out and on their tops for cooling…Bingo! They looked like hats! Ah! There is never a failure just an opportunity. 🙂 I made a simple buttercream for the icing added green food coloring and some peppermint flavoring for a little extra effect. Next I had to have a special drink to go with supper…Limeade with a dash of green food coloring and a slice of lime. If you click on these two items photos  below and you will be directed to the recipe link, if you would like to make some for yourself. Supper itself was super simple. When I make anything freezable I will generally make double so I just had to pull a frozen Shephard’s pie out of the freezer. I had bought rapini with St. Paddy’s day in mind for some green on the plate. A St. Paddy’s day supper complete and a hit!