Deer walking through front yard
Deer walking through our front yard

Oh boy, How we can have intentions that get forgotten or put off and put off and put off until … yozza! almost a year later! It is really easy as a mom to get caught up in the “busy work”. The work that does need to be done but can easily get in the way of the work I want to do or need to do. Admittedly, I prefer a neat and tidy house but I have to remind myself at times this is really an impossible task in a busy, fun-filled family home. Our children are old enough to do chores and help out around the house. And they do but sometimes I feel I need a whole army to keep on top of things! Where does it all come from! 😉

However, I will be honest…it is really the fear of the bumps on the path of my dream, the consequences real or imagined of following the dream, the uncomfortable feeling that comes with simply making changes. I am a graphic designer/illustrator. This is still a funny feeling thing to say as I am just beginning in this field. I can remember the feeling of a new job; the rush of excitement with the feeling of fear of failure…maybe this wasn’t such a great move. Every time though I am lucky to say, my decision was the correct one and before long I was trained, competent in my new position. This is a little more complicated, well at least that is my feeling. I don’t want to “leave” a job per say. I want’ to add to it, add another path, follow my heart & soul whispers. I am sure you are getting the vibe of I feel being a mother is my most important job, one that I have enjoyed very much, one that will continue and change as my children grow of course. They are still young enough that there is still much to do: homework, dentist appointments, activities, birthday parties, quality time, etc! If you are a parent, you know the list. However, I also want my daughters to see that you work for a dream, the process of goal setting, that hard work pays off, and that moms don’t just have to stay home, they can do whatever they dream too. I very strongly believe a happy mom is what children need the most. Working or not working are both valid and honorable choices.


Link to Flickr for photo of Stack of Books
Photo of Stack of Books by Barbi D. (me) Photo from Flickr.

This week the goal is learning WordPress. I have signed up for a 1 week trail at, so far it has been SO much easier than just me, my computer and a cup of tea. Those things are still here however having a video how-to is so much easier to follow. Now this blog I am satisfied with its set-up. This blog is more for family and friends. (If you are neither – Welcome! 🙂 ) I have had a goal to set up a professional blog to promote myself and to make connections. For this blog I have an idea in mind and need some education on the set up process, adding my illustrations/projects in the best way and customizing to reflect my vision.

A professional self hosted website is also on the list. As well, as the many self-direct projects I have in mind and resting in my note books, in sketch pads and in art journals. So many ideas!! This is an obstacle, where to begin…one idea leads to another…then another…ok…just begin!

So how do you make your goals happen? Life is busy for all of us. Though the “busy” word is another whole topic onto itself. Are you following your life’s dream?

Thanks for reading! More posts to come!….and a much shorter wait. 😉